A few words about History

Bakodah & Aboulkhair Company was initiated in Saudi Arabia in 1987. The
foundation of this company took place in Jeddah by Mr. Abdullah Bakodah
(Professional license No. 29).
The company’s exceptional policies in serving their clients have expanded their client’s geographical basis, and as a result of that, the company opened a new branch in Dammam in 1993 under the administration of Mr. Abdullah Bakodah. Later on, one more
branch was opened in Riyadh in 1995 under the administration of Adel

Our Goal

1- Carry out two types of audit, external and internal, as well as consulting services efficiently and effectively.

2- Focus during the audit work on the financial and commercial risks, which helps us to provide the Company with new ideas.

3- Identify and analyze the strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities for potential risks and inform the management of the company on a regular basis with appropriate recommendations. In addition, we will provide the financial management of the company with our observations on any matters requiring performance improvement.

4- To work in collaboration with our clients as a team and use our experience to enhance their efficiency.

5- To help our clients achieving their goals and overcoming any difficulties they may face.

6- Maintaining a high efficiency, accuracy and integrity of our team through training courses and workshops.

7- Continuous improvement in the way our work performance continuous to provide support to our clients to improve the performance of their work.

8- Communication with professional and international associations in the field to keep us updated with the latest changes in the financial field.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide external and internal auditing services, consultation and financial solutions to follow the highest professional and ethical standards in a proficient manner by a working group which is characterized by trust. integrity and presence at any time requested by the client.