We would like to express our sincere gratitude for giving us the opportunity for presenting the concept and policy of our professional activities and services in auditing and consulting field to show up our methodology and vision of serving our clients with high quality standards.
Our highly qualified expertise and audit teams are the reason for our excellence in serving our clients under the legal aspects of the Accounting & Auditing inside Saudi Arabia and worldwide. Our company capability is provided by the branches all over Saudi Arabia Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam in addition to the supporting offices in Jubail and Najran. Also our membership in (Nexia International) which considered as one of the most professional and pioneer in business worldwide that provides accounting, auditing, feasibility studies, financial consulting and tax advisory services.
Our policy is structured based upon:
Hiring highly experienced CEOs who are members in worldwide associations.
Endorse the concept of continuous on job training for the management level as well as the rest of the employees to raise their professionalism and to be in line with the development in the field of business Memberships of international associations and business pioneers are the reasons for a high quality business development and an up to date knowledge in the field of business.
Technology is our colleague in providing services as well as in doing our jobs.
A solid base of client services by adopting the concept of a continuously supervising the auditing procedures by managers.

Best Regards,
Adel Abdullah Aboulkhair  &  Abdullah Omar Bakodah