Administrative and Financial Advisory

Many enterprises are heading to privatize internal auditing by assigning professional accounting offices or companies to do it. For this reason, we have long sought to create a special section for this purpose qualified to provide internal audit services to our clients, which focuses on raising the efficiency and effectiveness of performance, credibility and reliability of financial reports and making sure to follow The regulations and laws to which the facility is affiliated, and we have provided this service to many of our major clients

Feasibility study

To develop feasibility studies for potential projects upon which decisions can be made. It is worth to mention that the governmental interest is small and medium entities and in addition to the need for the facilities to finance options have increased the market of feasibility studies.

Due diligence

Supervising the preparation of economic feasibility studies for projects under construction by field methods and scientific health methods so that the study is a clear evidence for the employer in making the right decision, and the state’s interest in medium and small enterprises and the formation of facilities for them, in addition to the need for these facilities for financing, has opened a wide market for studies operations Feasibility

Preparation of financial and administrative systems and regulations

We prepare good financial and administrative systems for the organizational structure of the facility, with defining financial cycles such as the procurement cycle, creditors, sales cycle, debtors and the administrative cycles of the system, in addition to making a full description of jobs and determining the regulations to which they are subject and the powers of each administrative level under an integrated control system

Strategic plans and performance evaluations

Long-term and short-term strategic plans are prepared that suit the establishments and are in line with the nature of their activity and achieve the required and predetermined objectives for them by its board of directors. These plans are also evaluated during the implementation stages and the causes of deviations are identified and worked to address them. The performance of employees is also evaluated and ways to raise their production efficiency are clarified.

Change the corporate entity

Establishment of Saudi, mixed and foreign companies and transferring their legal status from one entity to another, as well as transferring companies from local accounting systems to international accounting systems, in addition to liquidating companies and judicial receivership over them.

Providing financial

Providing financial advisory services in financial management for small potential clients who do not have the ability to use financial principles to improve the financial situation towards financiers and suppliers.

Corporate governance

Providing a new service represented in assisting companies to implement corporate governance, identifying violations, providing advice and consultations to companies to address these violations, and working on fully implementing corporate governance, as the new corporate system has obligated the joint-stock companies to send within the Board of Directors’ report all the items that they did not adhere to from Governance clauses Reasons for non-compliance

Risk assessment
and management

Identify risks that the company may encounter and develop preventive solutions to these risks.